Backflow Services



I provide a complete backflow testing service for both residential and commercial

customers  in Thurston County.  I am certified by the state or Washington's  department of health to inspect, test and monitor all backflow  assemblies.  Lacey Backflow handles all the paperwork and processing for  your convenience.  When the backflow assembly passes the test a report  is sent to your water district and a copy is sent to you along with your  invoice and an additional copy is maintained in our files for future  reference if needed.  If your backflow assembly fails the test you will  be notified that the assembly must be repaired and retested.  Minor  problems and or cleaning the assembly so it passes the test can usually  be accomplished during the same trip.  If additional parts need to be  ordered you will be given an estimate for repair costs and a return trip  will be scheduled to repair and retest the assembly.  You will not be  charged for the retest.  Repairs and or replacement of assemblies will  be made using only state certified approved parts.  I also have an  automatic annual re-certification program for those who wish to make  life easier.  I would be more than happy to add you to our program..  Just give me a call or send me an e-mail.

Backflow Certification #B6024

Contractor #CCLACEYBL856QQ


Certified by Washington State Dept of Health

Registered Contractor with state of Washington

Irrigation Services


  Keeping your lawn green and your tree's and plants growing with full coverage is our goal.  An  efficient automatic irrigation system will provide you with a beautiful  lawn and landscape while conserving water and money.  I am a fully licensed sprinkler and Irrigation professional, ready to provide solutions to all your lawn irrigation needs.  I can service, troubleshoot and repair broken pipes, valves and sprinkler heads to keep your system in top condition.             

     Our Services

  • Repair or replace broken pipes
  • Replace sprinkler controllers
  • Service all major brands
  • repair or replace broken sprinkler heads
  • Annual backflow testing
  • Spring startup
  • Winterization

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